'Burned' Shoot

Simon's latest short film as Writer/Director, 'Burned', went before the cameras in late 2017 and is currently in post-production. Filmed on location in Brighton, it features Jo Merriman and Louise Miller enduring 'a relationship reduced to ashes'.


Production photography © saraholivierphotography.com


The film is a black(-ish) comedy about two ex-lovers meeting on a park bench to determine who will take home the ashes of their recently-deceased dog, Stingo.


After working closely on stage in 'Hetty And The King', which they created and performed together (as seen by Simon at the Brighton Fringe Festival), Jo and Louise brought an innate connection and understanding to their roles as the two ex-lovers, Rosie and Gem.


Shot in one day, this low-budget production would not have been possible without the great talents and dedication of its hard-working cast and crew, and was also a first collaboration between Simon and Director of Photography Matt Shaw.